Did you get kicked from our servers?

I’m Jack, A server policy decision has been made that only one admin who looks after kicks, and that’s me. I’m Jack

If are banned, please use this form: UnBan

Making a whining noise on a Discord or on Twitter does nothing more than make me realise I’m right, don’t talk about kicks and bans on Discords and Twitter, no one cares or can help

You can follow me on @Wayward_Jack for news about the server

We kick first and sort things out later, don’t take offence, we’re keeping people safe

We love the visitors to our servers and we act first for the good of the community

It’s likely that completely nothing even happened, but kicks can happen for the following reasons:

  • You have young VAC ban (650 days) or bans
  • You have game ban (650 days) or bans
  • You have trade ban (650 days) or bans
  • You have some of the above
  • You have multiple Steam infringements of any age
  • You have reputational flags
  • You’re using a VPN or Proxy route
  • Your Steam account is very young
  • Your Ping is higher than the servers MaxPing
  • You’re using a cloud platform (we’re trying to fix, please ticket)
  • Your connection is ‘stuttery’ (AKA Jitter)
  • You persistently used ingame text chat (get a mic)
  • You need to set an ingame name
  • Other things we check for

If you’re ingame and you get kicked please invest some time in understanding ‘jitter’, it’s probably that. Increase the QUALITY of your connection and you wont get kicked. We have reasons for this mechanism but unfortunately there’s some collateral damage into people with bad connection quality

As a gamer your life will be significantly better if you make sure your jitter is negligible

Maybe think about these things and why you might be kicked for them

Please though, take some time to skim the rules, just to make sure you didn’t do anything silly 

If you think you’ve been kicked unfairly, please let us know by filling in this form

Please give us as much information as possible about you or anything that might have happened

We answer hundreds of emails a month, if you get the steamID wrong we may not answer you

Any submissions with an improper SteamID64 (a proper one starts with a number like 7656119……. ) will not be considered further, check your steamid at www.steamid.io


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