The Servers are changing, but they’re the same

Hello everyone,

Please forgive the lack of communications in the last hours, things have somewhat been in turmoil, let me explain…

Engage Snowflake Mode

Trying to run servers is not easy, DayZ is terrible, it’s fickle and delicate and just basically doesn’t work most of the time, and keeping any time of server going takes a lot of time and patience. Mix into this all the unknowns of players with different PC specifications, varying quality hardware, deliberate maliciousness and sourness and it’s a wonder anyone can ever keep a server even half playable any of the time

Over the past few months the abuse all DayZ server admins get has increased, we’ve never seen anything like it. We started hosting DayZ servers in April 2014 and we have fairly tough skins when it comes to people being abusive at us, and we expect them when we ban them for racism, or misogyny or homophobia, they’re not nice people and that fury gets aimed at us when we invite them to play elsewhere

We’ve seen a lot of servers just give up and go down forever due to these attacks

In 2014 hosting DayZ servers for us was a laugh, a group of friends logging into DayZ and shooting each other in the legs. It was fun, we pretty much knew everyone in the community and the community was great, a few bad apples aside

We see the worst of people, day in and day out, it’s grindingly depressing, they’re rude and noisy and entitled. But we took all that on as the community went through some big changes and we just kept plugging away trying to be the best we can be and having a few laughs on the way

It became fashionable to have a community leaders name on a server and many servers affiliated themselves with a streamer, for most of the time it was a win-win for the server and for the streamer

And for us it was important that even though our servers carried their name, they had no input into the day to day running of the server because YOU having a fair time and a streamer with a monetised content agenda probably doesn’t go together well if they have admin tools. So committed are we to this fairness for you we don’t even run admin tools.

But in this recent community evolution the bad folk are deciding that they’ll just email anyone to try and get their way and more and more people around us are seeing the abuse that goes on behind the scenes

And I don’t blame them that they don’t like it, it’s worse for them that there’s nothing they can actually do in any server situation since they hold no sway, control or influence in how the server is run, and nor should they. And yet, we found out they we’re being included in the abuse received and we don’t like that

So we’re enforcing that separation by removing the servers from streamers Discord channels and removing their name from the servers, if this means the servers die, then that’s a consequence of the abuse some people have been delivering inside and outside of OUR servers.

In my opinion you should stick two fingers up to the abusive children and carry on what you’ve always been doing, setting bear traps at the holiday camps. If this is untenable for you, a change in the name of a server. I invite you to go play on any of the other great servers across the Community tab in DayZ

We have always tried to be the best we can for people and to be fair and transparent in what we’re doing

The servers will come back up later today, they have had some changes in restarts and optimisations, there will be no wipes in players or persistence. There is no association with anyone outside of Spaggie or Jack and Jack looks after the bans and technicalities

This website will take a while for changes to happen because we all have full time jobs and families and things

Our server discord is here

Always have a look at Jack’s Twitter here

Our server rules are here and not reading them is bannable and we know you didn’t read them because you’re the 9th person asking a question Jack answered on his twitter 2 hours ago, so don’t get all abusive

Some people who have conducted themselves less than a community should expect in the last hours won’t be coming back onto our servers, but special thanks to the volunteers who know nothing that’s going on back here for metering the community, the secret is all they do is read Jacks twitter most of the time because you seem incapable of that.

And never ever say Server Admins don’t care, the admins of every DayZ server are bending over backwards for you. Eugen used to sleep in the Official server room on ‘Eugen’s Pillow’, people are spending hours and hours caring, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you can make ignorant assertions. Fuck You.

This is a normal day when you exclude someone for using the Nword on someone’s stream and we calmly explain to racists that racism isn’t acceptable, we get maybe 3 or 7 of these a week

This is just one ‘episode’, if any admin wants these steamIDs email me. Imagine getting this kind of thing. I wasn’t going to put it her because it’s so offensive, but unless I do people will talk bullshit

The disgraceful thing is one of the members of this episode started emailing ‘can I be unbanned, they’re just like that’

We’re currently being chased around the web who doesn’t understand why an opening message of ‘servers up when’ as their very first message is aggressive and not community

Let alone folk trying to take a pound of flesh out of this drama and then get the whole thing completely wrong, just to parasite for their content

If this kills the servers and they drop away on population we’ll know we put our friends first and then we’ll just turn the servers off

There’s good people and there’s they type of guys above, pick the side you want to be associated with. If you’ve already chosen, consider the company you’re keeping.

Disengage Snowflake Mode

Edit 260221: Subsequent to this post, a few days later, we found out that a good honourable member of the community was getting death threats from another group of people following an incident. This is disgusting

We do this for fun


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