Stream Sniping and Meta

Let’s talk about stream sniping which is meta gaming so let’s talk about meta as well


Meta means ‘transcend’

Meta is knowledge learnt from inside the game and taken outside the game or vice versa. We don’t like it at certain times, for example, if you’re in a firefight and go to a Discord and say ‘who just shot at me in Gorka’, that’s meta as it tell people there was a firefight in Gorka, that you died so there’s possibly loot etc. It could also result in arguments in that social channel. Please be careful of the consequences of meta. Meta fades over time, talking about getting shot last week isn’t as bad as talking about getting shot 5 minutes ago

Stream Sniping (and Streaming)

Streaming is meta, you’re taking the game outside immediately
Stream Sniping is therefore also meta, you’re taking the outside game back inside the game, and this is usually detrimental to the streamer (who is the shop front of the game we love) and the audience of the streamer. What’s worse is when a stream sniper comes into the streamers chat to crow about their achievement. It’s boring and it breaks the chill of anyone’s stream

We do not consider streaming and stream sniping a zero sum game. Streaming is good for DayZ it lets people interact in the community and the game without having to commit to playing at that time

We are not going to be drawn into some kind of false discussion about stream stalking and stream sniping, if you use a stream to get an advantage over a streamer and use that knowledge you’ll get banned, even if there’s no kill you are tainting the organic nature of the streamers DayZ gameplay, usually infront of an audience

Steam sniping taints that experience, very often for the worse. Please don’t stream snipe, there’s a high likelihood you’ll get an irreversible exclusion across multiple servers

Do not be in a stream and in a server at the same time is the best advice

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