Server Rules

Hello everyone, I’m @Wayward_Jack, here’s some things we’re doing to keep you safe. We’d love you to help us by skimming them.

tl;dr, DON’T BE A DICK … we’re just having a laugh and getting drunk, come find us

We run some DayZ Standalone servers: They’re all at the Official Game Service Provider (Fragnet) who do everything they can for us and are recommended if you’d like to run a server

If there’s one thing to take away from this page it’s that we run the servers FAIR, if you kill an admin, no ones going to ban you, we don’t know where you are on the map or what you’re doing. We work really hard to keep anyone with a false advantage out of our servers. Enjoy DayZ it’s amazing, we love it.

None of our servers are RP we don’t tell you how to play. The Village has some Community rules you should read (no TS) and The Village Community police their rules with vim and vigor as it’s what keeps their server special

Search for them with ‘Spaggie‘ IN THE COMMUNITY TAB, sigh

The Village server as, we run this for Barelyinfected, it generally has the same rules as our other servers (Don’t be a dick), see below, but has a few community added rules we will enforce as well, you should read them here:

Please read, understand and adhere the following rules of conduct!
DayZ Village Rules

They include:

  • Use ingame voice chat, do not use TS/Discord/Skype etc
  • Do not change your ingame name on The Village

BarelyInfected’s Discord has some rules as well:

Image (c) Baroness

People are also getting excluded by the community for griefing bases

The Shhh DVS Clan server is – we see this as a Free Will server, play how you want. This is a persistent server. It will kludge and need flushing we’ll try and avoid that. Please follow me @Wayward_Jack for low noise server news

The Russia 11 server is – we see this as a Free Will server, play how you want. This is a persistent server. It will kludge and need flushing we’ll try and avoid that. Please follow me @Wayward_Jack for low noise server news

We run and manage TheRunningManZ (Twitter) Community servers, the EU one is at and the US one is at23.92.176.205:2402 all of the normal server rules apply. This is a ‘mostly daytime’ 1PP server.

TheRunningManZ cannot help you with any server issues including bans or unbans

This server will be wiped on the 1st of every odd month, we will try to give warning via my (@Wayward_Jack) twitter

Do not pollute TRMZ chat with server issues or looking for unbans, the surest way to not get unbanned is to remove chill in TRMZ channel.

We run and manage Barely Infected‘s Deer Isle 1PP server at The normal server rules apply and there’s a Barely Infected Discord channel and also a Deer Island Discord

Follow @Wayward_Jack for low noise comms about servers

This is a 3rd party map built by John McLane and installed and tuned by Barely Infected, both of these people would be glad of a token of your support (which will have no influence on the running of the server).

We also run a Free to use TeamSpeak server with a lot of rooms at This is the TS to use for our Run Die Retry event we do occasionally. Do not use TS on The Village, they don’t like it and they will exclude you

We prefer 1PP and always will do

We firmly believe that passwording or whitelisting a DayZ server reduces the variety of stories and adventures. DayZ is about the creativity of interactions. Generating exclusivity reduces that potential. We will keep our servers as open and as inclusive as is possible. This is core to the game we want to play.

There’s more good people out there than bad and you might meet someone amazing (and then shoot them)

We love Charnarus dusks and dawns.

The Servers reset twice a day currently on a 6am / 6pm schedule. Resets seem to give servers time to re-evaluate their lives and get going again

Night time is also a lot of fun, it really is better if you don’t gamma boost

We reserve the right to reset the server day/night/weather for Friday Night Fire Fight (Mods come an play). This will not effect persistence

We turn as much of the HUD off as we are able to

You might be thinking, “This sounds a bit weird, some random guys on the internet have spent a load of money on a server and asking us to come play, what’s the catch?”

There is no catch, we’ve loved DayZ right from the first time we got shot to fuck on the beach 2 minutes after our first fresh spawn. This was a couple of years ago (back in the Mod). We’ve played DayZ as often as work and family would allow from then on. When we’re not playing DayZ we’ve got someone streaming DayZ going on in the background, TheRunningManz usually). It’s pretty much the only game we play. We are quite old, when that happens the amount of time you have to have fun is inversely proportional to the amount of money you have to have fun with. Some of us are exceptionally fortunate to have a good paying jobs, but not time. So any time spent needs to be efficient (things need to work quickly). Running a server is time efficient. Other people are massively fortunate in the opposite paradigm, they have a large amount of time, but maybe less money. We rent a couple of servers, it’s good for us. come play.

We do not give a shit about whether the server has 2 people on it (who, because of DayZ Luck end up in a gunfight in some arse end of Chernarus) or has 50 people on it. We do not give a shit about server rankings. We generally do not give a shit about that kind of thing.


What we DO care about is that each individual person on our server has an adventure they love.

We would like very much for you to come and play on our servers, we would like you to have a great time. To that end we’ve come up with some rules to protect everyone

No one under the age of 18 should play on our server

Try and leave everything better than you found it. Destroying vehicles is a brilliant thing to do.

Do no harm

Do not use text to chat, use a mic. you will be warned for using text. DayZ is a game about interactions, interact!

if people persistently and excessively hammer in game text chat, we might exclude them. We understand sometimes people can’t use a mic we are very tolerant.

Play as you’d like, there’s no rules about KoS or Safe Zones or formal opinon on RP. Just do what you want. We like to think the best of everyone and think DayZ is a better game when it’s filled with interesting people. However…

We will run a banlist via BEC, shared by very kind admins on other servers, to keep you as safe as we can. We also use DAST. Due to very kind support and help from the Server Mod community we currently explicitly ban over 6000 players, to help keep you safe. Have fun, please be as much of a good humoured dick (but not a dick dick so we have to exclude you) as you can.

Please do not use Glitches, Scripts, Hacks, even Ghosting, Grinding and Combat Logging or you WILL be banned. We will also not tolerate Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Religious Intolerance, Fraud and Impersonation, or activities which would be deemed harassinggriefinghateful or illegal. We will not tolerate Ban Evasion. Have fun, be a dick (but not a dick dick so we have to exclude you), enjoy DayZ but keep DayZ in DayZ if you know what we mean. We have server banned people for meta (‘helping’ someone know where something is or what’s happening outside of the game. Think about how your actions might change the game). If you have a recent VAC ban (less than about 650 days), you’re likely to be excluded, we don’t trust you. We are also starting excluding people for losing sight that DayZ is a computer game we play for fun, with friends, in a diverse community of cool people. We will help you take your moaning and whinging elsewhere if you get too much. Don’t be that guy.

Because we feel that a single high ping player can be detrimental to server performance for all Users on the server, we reserve the right to kick a high ping player. We start getting nervous about ping around the 300s

If someone is harassing you or hacking or something that makes you feel uncomfortable and is outside of the ‘normal’ DayZ try to get video evidence and try to hit them with something. We can act if we have your in game name, their in game name and the time of day (please convert to GMT if required so it matches server logs and we can find them easier) TO BAN THEM. Always feel free to go play on another server while we work out how to help you. We especially recommend Jakons Chipotle Bandits server or DUG

In some cases a ban appeal will require the provision of extra information as part of the consideration

If someone we know and like tells us someone we don’t know is being spooky, we’ll side with the people we know and like. We reserve the right to act first and work out what the hell happened later. You may have done nothing wrong. There is an unban form  nothing personal, just tell us wtf if you want

We have a piece of software we have built and run that looks at various aspects of your online accounts and the way you play, these vector go towards a reputation score. If your score is below the threshold the software will ban you because of your reputation. There’s more info here: s2ttrban

We think the best of people and then ask for some details to help them be trusted again. We’ll work really hard to trust you and you can help us with that

The Server Mods decision is final, no conversation or correspondence will be entered into, we also, because we can’t think of everything up front to keep everyone happy and safe, reserve the right to invent rules at the drop of a hat and apply them retrospectively.


If you meet a streamer and you realise they’re a streamer, don’t call them out, just assume they are streaming and be cool, do your thing, have a great adventure.

We’ve had some folk who stream sniped try to say it wasn’t stream sniping because ‘they didn’t kill the streamer’. We consider stream sniping to be an activity where advantage is taken over the streamer by use of their stream to grief or interact with the streamer in any way that’s not ‘natural’. Streamers are the marketing team of the game we love, them having great streams brings people back to DayZ and helps new people discover DayZ. If you fuck it up for them then we don’t want to play with you

If you find out you got shot by a streamer, don’t go running to their chat saying ‘OMG my friend of a friends mum’s hamster’s sister told me you just shot me OMGOMG’ and then launch into a long story about how you were born and clean your teeth.  You look like a stream sniper and you’re liable to get banned from the chat and from the server

Zombies will fuck you over whenever they can, that’s what we pay them for. Though Janeway Zombie seems to give us a lot for the money.

We reserve the right to wipe the server. We will give as much notice as we can

Tell your friends to come play on our server (please)

Anyone found bitching about the DayZ Devs or Bohemia Interactive or DayZ will be mercilessly ridiculed every time they turn up anywhere. Read the Status Reports, shit is cool.

Occasionally, we reserve the right to password a server. We try not to do this. Reasons include maintenance and event preparations


We operate a very lean data model collecting and keeping only the minimum of data required to function as a community server. We do not collect or retain any special category information. By playing on our servers or by talking to us by email, twitter, Twitch etc you are opting into our retention of lean data

GDPR doesn’t apply entirely to us for many reasons, but we will always treat any personal information you might give us with respect and functionally appropriate confidentiality.

If you do not agree to these principles, do not play on our server and do not contact us

Your right to be erased/forgotten is over-ridden by it having functional impact

If at any time you feel unsafe or unwell. Seek help

If you make a cool video or something on our server please tweet it to @Spaggie he loves that stuff

Server Mods and Owners accept no responsibility or liability for an accident or event that happens during or in consequence of playing on our server. Playing on our servers indicates acceptance of these rules

Drink fluids

Eat food

Love DayZ

Love your DayZ friends

Turn it all off and go out with your family

We are Goodmins not Badmins

@Wayward_Jack Server Events and Operations GoodMin
for low noise server news and help

Wayward Jack, Jarl, Luc, Rokerz and Spaggie

A thought from Rokerz:

“There are three kinds of people in this world: Pussies, Dicks and Assholes. Pussies don’t like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn’t appropriate – and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves… because pussies are an inch and half away from assholes.”

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