Server Information

1. How do I find the servers?

You can search “TheRunningManZ” using the official launcher on PC

2. Where/what are the server rules?

Server rules can be found at:

3. How can I submit feedback to the server team?

You can submit feedback at:

4. How do i report this suspicious behaviour?

You can report all Suspicious behaviour at:
Please do not post about it in the discord. Your comments will be deleted.

5. Are there any base building rules?

No, there are no rules regarding base building. Please also consider that there are also no rules ‘protecting’ any bases either.

6. I cannot find the servers in the launcher, are they offline?

Please ensure you are using the Official launcher, and not a third-party launcher.
For server updates please either follow, or check Wayward Jacks twitter periodically:

7.How often do the servers wipe?

Wipes occur on the 1st of every odd numbered month, and/or on major updates. This includes characters, bases, stashes ect.. If an update has an ETA of just after a scheduled wipe, the wipe may be delayed. Always check Wayward Jacks Twitter for more info:

8.Are server admins able to retrieve lost items, or follow players?

The servers DO NOT run admins tools, so would be unable to “reimburse” items. This is ‘vanilla’ DayZ.

9.My game says, “maximum player count reached”, and I’m unable to join, why is this?

The server is full. The Queue is full. Each Queue slot costs money on top of the server slots, so they are limited. TRMZ has 4 Namalsk servers, 4 Cherno and 1 Livonia server.. #PlayDontQueue

10. I keep getting a “PBO” error, how do I fix it?

This is often caused by either having a “Mod” loaded that isn’t on the server, or your mod version does not match the server’s. Often, there is an update that required the mods on the Namalsk servers, and the “modded” server ran by Blackhawk to be updated. This isn’t done automatically. Whilst these things take time, the admin team also waits for a server to die down before hitting the update button and restarting the server. Why you ask? Here, read this:

11. How can I stay update to date with server info?

The best way to stay up to date with server changes, and information, is to follow or check wayward jack’s twitter:

12. Is there a way to submit game related feedback to the developers?

Yes, feedback can be submitted directly to the devs using:

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