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You maybe arrived here from Spaggie’s Discord, you were sent here because we used to try and help people in Discord but it never really worked out, either they didn’t want help (griefing) or they didn’t understand ‘server is laggy’ doesn’t mean a lot and also that it’s very factious

Remember we don’t know anything about you, your hardware specs, the flutter on your connection (quality, not quantity) or whether you have several other streaming applications open while your family is browsing netflix. We don’t know if you’re uploading porn or have a overheating router. If there’s more than one of you stamping their feet in discord, we don’t even know if you’re in the same physical location so have a possibility of a commonised fault near your halls of residence / village / town / state / country. ‘server is laggy’ is just noise

We had someone saying ‘doors take 2 minutes to open’ so we jump on the server and have a try, again and again it’s working fine. So it’s not the server is it?

Here’s a quick go one of the last times, notice how ‘doors take 2 minutes to open’

Doesn’t seem laggy does it

So here’s pretty much the sum total of all the help anyone can give you:

If you decide to ignore the invitations you are given in Discord to have a skim of this and do the things that would help, it’s likely the discord mods will consider you a griefer and you’ll be asked to leave

No one in discord knows more than is on this page except YOU, you know more

Ping is important with online gaming and getting the whole internet to be as responsive as possible is part and parcel of being an online gamer

Here’s some things to thing about to reduce ping

  • Do not Ever play on Wifi, run a wire, whatever it takes from your router to your PC. At least a Cat6. Have as few connections in it as possible and try and keep that wire as short as possible. If you have to use wifi or even powerline adapters, understand that’s your decision and it has some consequences. If you’re using wifi turn everything else wifi off as best you can
  • Buy a new router
  • Never play on Wifi
  • Restart your router periodically
  • Video your experience and upload it as unlisted to YT and send it to Jack (see also win-mtr)
  • Think about downloading the Ping Plotter free trial, running that and sending the results to Jack
  • Check the quality of your network card, laptops especially, as young as 3 or 4 years old can have ‘old spec’ network cards, an indicator can be that a speed test tops out very low
  • Think about something like Glasswire to see whats going on, or at least look in taskmanager performance to see if anything is spiking or soaking the bandwidth
  • Do not use the router functions in your ISP supplied box, put it into modem mode and use a proper router (no more than 4 years old). Some people don’t even know about BTFon as was
  • Make sure your line isn’t DAX boxed, this is like neighbourhood contention
  • Make sure your PC isn’t downloading windows updates, do some optimisations to remove background applications and such
  • Have a look at your ISP status page or a monitoring service, eg:


  • Run as few other programs as possible while gaming. Even Discord has struggled with causing lag due to it’s polling (their release notes shows them trying to fix it). Something like JetBoost can help. ( )
  • Use switches rather than hubs if you have to, switches optimise routing
  • Make sure the internet cabling in your house is structured
  • Understand your connection. Something like Ping Plotter Pro can help you do that, or even a simple win-mtr but remember ICMP traffic is deprioritised (Do not publish results publicly) – please send these to Jack
  • Turn off background apps
  • Think about turning off Nagle
  • If you want to listen to music try using local files
  • Don’t download or stream while you are playing
  • Turn off Windows Notifications
  • Make sure no one in your family is browsing Netflix or video delivery platform, the spikes on the next autoplay preview can be heavy
  • Know what other internet use is going on in your house
  • Think about uninstalling detritus using 10 Apps
  • If you’re on a domestic grade internet you’re likely suffering from neighbourhood contention, find out if you are at least
  • Do jitter and packet loss tests often and if that’s happening use ping plotter to work out where. If it’s your ISP, complain.
  • Think about running TCP Optimiser
  • If it’s really bad QoS your machine
  • If there’s 2 of you in discord having an issue, DM the other guy and see if they live roughly in the same place, then tell Jack
  • Run Process Lasso in Performance Mode
  • Run a disk read cacher
  • Think about making this number less

In DayZ your hiccupping laggy jittery packet loss connection can have quality effects on other people in the server, you may find yourself kicked to protect the many. That’s a YOU problem. So what, you’re just going to keep trying to get in and ruining other peoples game?

To spell this out, your bad connection, to a DayZ server, will be screwing up someone else’s game and their connection can be perfect

DayZ servers are super delicate Windows OS platformed socket Apps, We’ve even seen community servers go weird because the OS is pulling down an update

You’re never going to beat Physics though

At any time a server can be under attack, there’s a lot of it in DayZ, don’t look like you’re part of it with ‘server is laggy (haa haaa)’

Exploding into a discord with ‘Server is laggy’ and having no actual information is not conducive to a nice evening, at least take a pigplotter pro or a win mtr with you. Never show that to everyone it has your home IP on it and you should protect that. Also be aware there’s usually a lot of interesting things going on and how you could look like you’re part of it

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We also know DayZ has a bubble effect, Derlethe captured it in a tweet, you can be playing fine but if someone with a bad connection is near you then you can suffer

Hope this helps

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