Our Servers

We currently run 7 servers, 6 from the EU and one from the US. These servers have long contracts and are managed by Game Service Providers (people that know what they’re doing)

  • You can easily find all our servers by searching for ‘Spaggie’
  • Even though some of our servers are aligned to communities and content producers they are open to anyone to play on
  • We do not run CoT or Tomato or CFTools or anything like that, we think you should be free to play and alone in there, we’re not gonna mummy you or Shitmin ESP you



  • Barely Infecteds The Village Chernarus – hosted by Spaggie
  • Deer Isle – No Mods – By Barely Infected – Hosted by Spaggie
  • TheRunningManZ Chernarus 1PP – hosted by Spaggie
  • TheRunningManZ Livonia 1PP – hosted by Spaggie
  • TheRunningManZ US 1PP – hosted by Spaggie
  • Chillin n Laxin Chernarus – hosted by Spaggie
  • Chillin n Laxin Livonia – hosted by Spaggie
  • TheRunningManZ servers get persistence wiped on the first of every odd numbered month or on major update
  • TheRunningManZ Chernarus EU runs a low maxping for the best player experience. Sorry.
  • The Village gets wiped on every major update or if the community decide to

Be aware, The Village takes an amount of investment to understand, it should be passworded and whitelisted but we don’t believe in those mechanisms. Only play on it if you understand it, the discord is here:

The Village is possibly the most hardcore, cliquey, non-RP RP server in DayZ that you could ever play on, many people can’t cope with it’s nuances. 

We do not like to trumpet, signal or meta things that may or may not be happening on servers. We may change something. We’ll leave you to guess what it is (Maybe we have 5 times the bears on a server, maybe we have a server full of guns, maybe we don’t. The only mod we run is The Deer Isle map, it filled a void of wanting a new place to run around in before Livonia came along and it’s lovely). But be 100% assured we do not run ‘console tools’

All of our servers run a Church and State Model, The running of the server, DayZ on it, the general upkeep and the exclusion of players exists with the server admins. The community, how people play it and what happens exist in the communities across the servers. The community leaders do not have access to the server and the server admins do not run the community. This works to keep everyone safe. (Content Creators ‘owners ‘ are not using Godmin tools to kill innocent players for content, not only do those tools not exist on our servers, Content Creators don’t have server access anyway. Keeps YOU safe)

SEVEN SERVERS! Play, don’t queue

The Rules

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