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We currently run 5 servers from the EU. These servers have long contracts and are managed by Game Service Providers (people that know what they’re doing)

All could be thought of as ‘Vanilla’ because we like to give feedback to the Dev team, but all have emergent communities, that is, the people that regularly play on them have influenced how the sandbox is ‘flavoured’ on that server.

We are currently not running any Mods on our servers as we feel they all have faults (no disrespect to the modding community, it’s early days)


They’re in the community tab, search for ‘Spaggie’ (I know the browser is less than ideal, it’s being fixed)


If you need rules and reasons please look at The Rules all our servers are 1PP because we believe that’s a nicer and immersive way to play (and it’s scarier). Except The Village our servers are currently ‘mostly daylight’ with six hour restarts

If you need to complain or if you need to talk about unbans use these links


Here’s a quick rundown:

Shhh…. DVS Clan server – hosted by Spaggie
Usually Vanilla, wiped when needed
This was our oldest server, years of fun and friends just playing DayZ. We met great people and had great adventures on this server over the years, and we learnt ho to play DayZ This server died due to a change at Multiplay which is beyond our control We’ve commissioned a new server to replace it. This is our test and dicking about server. It runs fewer slots at the moment (30) to make it silky smooth. If we’re doing anything ‘funky’ on a server as a test, this is where you’ll see it. Try saying “HEWWO” to people in there.

TopeREC Community – 1PP No Crosshair – hosted by Spaggie
Vanilla, wiped on 1st of odd numbered months
We are very honoured that our friend TopeREC and his community allows us to run his community server, this server can get a bit shooty in the North. You might suggest this is a Player versus Player server, but it’s up to you how you play.

DayZ Village – Barely Infected on YouTube – hosted by Spaggie
Vanilla, wiped only with community consultation
We are very honoured that our friend BarelyInfected and his community allow us to run their ‘The Village’ server, this is a full day/night server on a fast speed multiplier. Some people might suggest this is an Role Play server, but we don’t tell you how to play. We do ask that you don’t use TeamSpeak or Discord here please though, it’s more fun for everyone. You might call this ‘Hardcore’.

The Village has a community here: http://barelyinfected.com/news/

TheRunningManZ community server 1PP open to all – hosted by Spaggie 
Vanilla, wiped on 1st of every month
We are very honoured that our friend TheRunningManZ  and his community allows us to run his server. This server is not especially Player versus Player or Player versus Environment, it’s a server where almost anything can and does happen.  People on there seem to play with a slightly trolly sense of humour. Play it how you want, we don’t tell you how to play.

TheRunningManZ also has a 3PP server run by Blackhawk, you should play on there as well: TheRunningManZ community server -3pp hosted by Blackhawk

Russia 11 – hosted by Spaggie
Usually Vanilla, wiped when needed
This is essentially our gaming clans playground at the moment, we leave it open so that people can come and play. It was set up as a joke to piss off
MrOGx community who’d spent time looting up for a fight with us, so we dropped a clean server on them and punched them out on the coast. Glorious Victory for Death Squad 5000 (Love you OG). We just left it running it felt so nice. We sometimes run events and evenings on here, and pretty much everyone is invited to those. This server is very volatile as it’s where we test and break stuff.


If you’d like to find out about our events and play evenings please follow Death Squad 5000 (The DVS Clan ironically angry name)

We are not alone, there are some great servers in the Community Tab, paid for, run and loved by long term DayZ enthusiasts who would love you to choose them to play on.


I am Jack, I’m the operations manager for the Spaggie servers. I spend a lot of time with a lot of other folk trying to make these servers THE BEST DAYZ EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE, please feel free to ping me on Twitter should you need help

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