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Hello, I’m Jack, feel free to follow me on twitter to keep up to date with server stuff

Only play on servers where you trust the admins, if that’s not us, we’re cool with that. Stay Safe. Did you just get shot by a magicked in gun? Is someone alive because they have god mode? Did they kill you? If you’re okay with this, good for you. We’re not.

We have a Servers Discord

We do not accept donations, we feel that having ‘shareholders’ creates unfairness.

We currently run 9 public servers, 8 from the EU and one from the US. These servers have long contracts and are managed by Game Service Providers (people that know what they’re doing)

We do not give a shit about whether the server has 2 people on it (who, because of DayZ Luck end up in a gunfight in some arse end of Chernarus) or has 50 people on it. We do not give a shit about server rankings. We generally do not give a shit about that kind of thing. We just want people to have a good place to play. Conversely, if all we hear coming out of a server is that it’s not fun any more, we’ll move to remove that unhappiness from the thing we, and other people, do for fun. 

You can easily find all our servers by searching for ‘Spaggie’

Even though some of our servers are aligned to communities and content producers they are open to anyone to play on

We do not run CoT or V++ or Tomato or CFTools or anything like that, we think you should be free to play and alone in there, we’re not gonna mummy you or Shitmin ESP you, or be invisible and listen to what you say.  Our start point is that the community is full of good people and they deserve to play their game without the suspicion of fishy stuff going on. There is nobody with a player map on a second monitor, that’s impossible on our servers. You’re alone.

Unlike some other servers we do not ask for, demand, or solicit financial contributions from our players, we don’t want share holders trying to break the fairness of servers in the many ways that can happen when a server becomes financially beholden to a contributor.

Only play on servers if you trust the admins, they know stuff about you, and in this modern world of being able to run ‘server mods’ they could be running funny teleporty magic wizard things and not telling you

That SVD you just got shot by, at least play on a server where you know it was worked for and open for anyone to find, huh

    • Spaggies Chilled Deer Isle – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Chilled Rostow – No Mods – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies EU Vanilla Chernarus – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies US Vanilla Chernarus – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Vanilla Livonia – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Namalsk Hardcore 1 – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Namalsk Hardcore 2 – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Namalsk Regular 3 – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Namalsk Regular 4 – hosted by Jack

    • Spaggies Vanilkla Experimental Server – hosted by Jack

We also have a crazy test server which is Area 51 Skunkworks crazy

    • Test Server – hosted by Jack

We always wipe ALL of our Spaggie servers on a major update, this avoids a lot of issues

We feel that the space of a lower population server lets you be more of a survivor and have space to build out your character and have fun in the environment. Also to learn the game more. Streamers need population for content, players may not so much.


We do not like to trumpet, signal or meta things that may or may not be happening on servers. We may change something. We’ll leave you to guess what it is (Maybe we have 5 times the bears on a server, maybe we have a server full of guns, maybe we don’t. Often people can’t help but go meta when something interesting is going on, we reverse the interesting thing the minute we see meta. Don’t be that guy. Remember the peaches.

Mods: we run the Deer Isle mod on the Deer Isle server, the Namalsk servers run the Namalsk mods, igloos, GWR, Creepy Zombies and creatures, the GWR needs the Community Framework mod to run, it filled a void of wanting a new place to run around in before Livonia came along and it’s lovely). But be 100% assured we do not run ‘console tools’ or anything else on there, There is no god.

We reserve the right to wipe the server. We will give as much notice as we can. Please remember we wipe Chernarus EU, Chernarus US, Livonia and the 4 Namalsk servers on the 1st day of every odd numbered month. Sometimes we decide not to do this if it’s close to an update, we always wipe on updates to stop carry over bugs. My Twitter is the best place to find out what is going on. https://twitter.com/Wayward_Jack All servers wipe on Major updates. We may also may wipe a server if it kludges up or someone has kludged it up.

We would ask a favour. If you play on our servers and have a nice time, maybe you’d consider telling your stream at the end what server you were on, or maybe a tweet promoting the server. That would be a very kind thing to do. Thanks.

NINE SERVERS! Play, don’t queue

The Rules


Why Vanilla?

It’s all too easy in this ‘have it now’ world to fall into the Modded Servers category, need an SVD? Just collect 200 logs and take them to a trader DayZ kind of thing

1.09 just dropped and the list of changes is immense, some are good some are bad, loads are undocumented, which is right and proper for a DayZ type game to leave it up to a player to find something out (go ruin your trousers or look at the workshop at Balota petrol station. Or the view distance and lighting

Someone in a chat the other day said ‘oh the new gun is a Sporter, we’ve had that for ages on Modded, without realising how sad and spoilt that could be (spoiled as in ‘degraded experience’, not as in ‘spoiled brat’ … maybe). I just jammed a Sporter on 1,09 and the unjam animation is so perfect. Also the DayZ Devs want the sporter to NOT work, it took maybe 15 rounds to kill a zombie, it’s a shit tier gun and the game space needs it to do that. A modder may want the gun to work, that’s a completely different stance that’s lost in nuance

Also there’s a weird flex with modders which is lost on a lot oof people, let’s take a helicopter as an example. A modder wants you to have a helicopter so you can be wowed by what they did (and you should be), but DayZ Vanilla tends to not want you to have things, everything has a time cost and an entropy.

But this is just our point of view

In the same way we appreciate the choice of modding (and configuration changes that consoles do) please don’t come and erode choice by trying to tell us we are doing it wrong. It’s a set of very conscious decisions.

The servers may die, players may move onto ‘ARMA-Lite’ style DayZ, in our opinion that would be a shame because DayZ has always been something no other game has gotten right, thankless, bleak, unforgiving, paced.

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