Our Servers

We currently run 6 servers, 5 from the EU and one from the US. These servers have long contracts and are managed by Game Service Providers (people that know what they’re doing)

  • You can easily find all our servers by searching for ‘Spaggie’
  • Even though some of our servers are aligned to communities and content producers they are open to anyone to play on
  • We do not run CoT or Tomato or anything like that, we think you should be free to play and alone in there, we’re not gonna mummy you

– Deer Isle – VANILLA – By Barely Infected – Hosted by Spaggie
– Russia 11 – VANILLA – hosted by Spaggie 

– TheRunningManZ community server 1PP Gold – hosted by Spaggie
– TheRunningManZ community server 1PP Diamond – hosted by Spaggie
– TheRunningManZ community server 1PP Heart – hosted by Spaggie

– DayZ Village – Barely Infected on YouTube – hosted by Spaggie


All could be thought of as ‘Vanilla’ because we like to give feedback to the Dev team, but all have emergent communities, that is, the people that regularly play on them have influenced how the sandbox is ‘flavoured’ on that server.

We are currently not running any Mods (except Deer Isle which runs the Deer Isle mod) on our servers as we feel they all have faults (no disrespect to the modding community, it’s early days)

We do not run passwords or whitelists as we feel this creates ‘safer’ servers for one reason or another, and safe servers are kinda boring, randomness keeps a server edgy, and there’s some great people out there just playing casually, they don’t play whitelist because they can’t be arsed and they won’t look up the password because they can’t be arsed, and they could be your new best friend forever. Whitelists usually mean rule and rules and whitelists reduce randomness, you’re new best DayZ friend in the world may not be on the whitelist, may not care about whitelists and then you’ll never meet them

They’re in the community tab, search for ‘Spaggie’ (I know the browser is less than ideal, it’s being fixed)

Within the rules we do our best to not define how you play the sandbox game you bought, we just try and give you somewhere to play it. None of our servers are RP (Role Play) but you can if you want, none of our servers define base size or raiding rules, but we reserve the right to wipe the server if the server gets kludgy. Enjoy DayZ. If you want to play on The Village, please make sure you adhere to those rules which are slightly different (no TS) since that’s what that community wanted.

If you need rules and reasons please look at The Rules all our servers are 1PP because we believe that’s a nicer and immersive way to play (and it’s scarier). Except The Village our servers are currently ‘mostly daylight’ with regular restarts, we keep the nights as long as we can without affecting server population (people start logging off at about the 30 – 45 minute mark which is a shame). The server rules change very infrequently, I think the last big change was mid 2017 when No TS on The Village became mandatory due to the community in there wanting that.

If you need to complain or if you need to talk about unbans use these links


Here’s a quick rundown:

Image result for deer isle dayz

Deer Isle – No Mods – By Barely Infected – Hosted by Spaggie
This server runs 1 mod which is Deer Island
Deer Island is a 3rd party map by John McLane who has a Discord The server was installed and configured by Barely Infected. It’s a lovely map. We won’t tell you what we’ve done in there but it’s probably for more experienced DayZ players. There’s a channel in BarelyInfected’s Discord and we’re trying really hard to not post the map, being lost is great.

You need to subscribe to the one mod, Deer Isle and you’re good to go. 

DayZ Village – Barely Infected on YouTube – hosted by Spaggie
Vanilla, wiped only with community consultation
We are very honoured that our friend BarelyInfected and his community allow us to run their ‘The Village’ server, this is a full day/night server on a fast speed multiplier. Some people might suggest this is an Role Play server, but we don’t tell you how to play. We do ask that you don’t use External VOIP, TeamSpeak or Discord here please though, the idea is to try and make The Village a living world, and keep the server in the server.it’s more fun for everyone. You might call this ‘Hardcore’, but it’s not an RP server and never has been

The idea for the TS is that there’s nothing more scary than hiding in a shop and hearing players talking ingame running past. Rene especially didn’t want groups of players running around in silence. You don’t always know who is nearby so help them have a scary moment by not using VOIP. In mid 2017 The Community said they wanted this rule to be mandatory to a negotiable exclusion and they would police it. They’re very good at finding rule breakers.

The Village has a community here: http://barelyinfected.com/news/

The Village has a Discord here: https://discord.gg/baHsv8d



TheRunningManZ  community server Heart – hosted by Spaggie 
TheRunningManZ community server Diamond – hosted by Spaggie
TheRunningManZ community server Gold– hosted by Spaggie

Vanilla, usually wiped on 1st of every month ODD numbered month

We are very honoured that our friend TheRunningManZ  and his community allows us to run his servers. These servers are not especially Player versus Player or Player versus Environment, almost anything can and does happen.  People on there seem to play with a slightly trolly sense of humour. Play it how you want, we don’t tell you how to play.

These two servers are sister servers, they do not share a hive but their configurations are exactly the same. The US one runs a slightly higher MaxPing, Gold runs a lower MaxPing.

If you can’t get onto Gold, Choose Diamond or Heart

TheRunningManZ also has a 3PP server run by Blackhawk, you should play on there as well: TheRunningManZ community server -3pp hosted by Blackhawk

TheRunningManZ has a Discord here:  https://discord.gg/Rv2fbwF

Russia 11 – hosted by Spaggie

This is essentially our gaming clans playground at the moment, we leave it open so that people can come and play. It was set up as a joke to piss off
MrOGx community who’d spent time looting up for a fight with us, so we dropped a clean server on them and punched them out on the coast. Glorious Victory for Death Squad 5000 (Love you OG). We just left it running it felt so nice. We sometimes run events and evenings on here, and pretty much everyone is invited to those. This server is very volatile as it’s where we test and break stuff.

If you’d like to find out about our events and play evenings please follow Death Squad 5000 (The DVS Clan ironically angry name)

We are not alone, there are some great servers in the Community Tab, paid for, run and loved by long term DayZ enthusiasts who would love you to choose them to play on.


I am Jack, I’m the operations manager for the Spaggie servers. I spend a lot of time with a lot of other folk trying to make these servers THE BEST DAYZ EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE, please feel free to ping me on Twitter should you need help

If you want a more indepth roundout of actual rules and reasons, we have that here: https://www.spaggie.com/server-rules/ 

If you want to find us in our Discord, we have that here: https://discord.gg/x5qvsR7

Play, Don’t Queue




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4 Responses to Our Servers

  1. George says:

    Hello. I could not refuel Olga. Similar to this on TheRunningManZ: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T138340

    Could you repair it?
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Tarkules says:

    Was the server “Russia 11” removed ?
    It’s not listed since DayZ Experimental App. got published.
    It was a great “sandbox”, thanks for setting it up in the first place !

    • Spaggie says:

      Russia 11 runs experimental and since DayZ split Expie and Stable into two seperate clients neither appears in the other

      If you want to play on Russia 11 which is experimental, you need to download, run and play using DayZ Experimental client

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