Streaming Music

Finding music you can use on stream and won’t get the VoD Muted is hard. Some background noise is good because it can help feel like you don’t need to fill every silence, but finding the right music that’s cheap and good is next to impossible

L_K_P1 is known across the DayZ community for the music he creates and he’s now producing some Cinematic Ambient music that not only can be used as stream background music, but also in YouTube videos for content creators.

To help streamers/content creators with royalty free music that fits their need’s

All tracks are Licensed, royalty free and in high quality MP3 48Khz 320Kbps and mastered for use on Twitch and YouTube.

L_K_P1 – Cinematic Ambient #1

  • The journey begins
  • Out there
  • Together
  • In a heartbeat
  • Peaceful day
  • Call to arms
  • Nowhere to run
  • After the battle

Buying: Donate at least €15.00 and add CA1 in the PayPal note and you receive a download link on the at paypal registered email.

Gifting your favourite creator: Add CA1 and the email address in the Paypal note for a gifted copy to someone.

Download includes 9 tracks, 1 M3U playlist file, 1 license agreement and 1 jpg front cover file.

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