Maybe you don’t need an SSD for #DayZ

Running DayZ on an SSD is a Good Thing

Running DayZ on SHDDS is a Good Thing (but not as good as an SSD)

RAID 0ing drives to increase data throughput is a Good Thing

All that stuff is fun and much better than HDD rust spinners

There’s another way if you’ve got a load of RAM kicking about, bang DayZ in a RAMDisk

The first thing to do is to set up a RAMDisk, you’ll need it to be about 15Gig, so you’re machine really needs to be having a shedload of RAM in it to run the RAMDisk and the game (I’ve tried it at 28GG and 32GB with 15GB RAMDisks and it was fine)

According to tests I’ve seen this puppy is one of the fastest RAMDisks

You need to download it and install it and setup a 15Gb ish RAM drive
In all honesty I can’t help you too much here, I find it hard to setup, but it’s do-able
I find it hard because I don’t want it automounting on boot n that

Generally it’s kinda easy



Okay, then you need to move the game files onto it


You need to create a Junction for Steam to follow

A Junction is a bit like a pointer, you go to the old directory and the OS pretends all the moved files are still there


There’s a great program for moving files for Steam, surprisingly it’s called SteamMover, you can get it here:


It’ll move your game files into the RAMDisk (and back again if you need to)


If you cock with this and it kills you’re machine it’s not my fault, but it’s fun and makes a difference if you’ve got enough RAM






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