Genocide Run 4

The next chapter of Genocide Run is almost upon us. This will be the 4th iteration of one of the most tense DayZ events out there, and  one of our biggest to date.

Genocide Run pits 28 teams of 2 together in a fight for survival, a la Battle Royale style. Every team will start the event meeting within the ruins of the old castle on Skalisty Island. The first stage of the event will take place; mass genocide. Each player will get gunned down, respawning them randomly along the coast of Chernarus.

The event starts for each player as soon as they respawn. Whichever spawn they get, however good or bad, is where they start. They need to then find whatever they can to defend themselves, as well as meeting up with their team mate, if they survive that long to meet up.

Each player has 90 minutes to reach the North-West Airfield confines, if they are lucky enough to make it that far. Every other team will be racing to the same location, so chances are high from running in to other teams. Once inside, it’s now last team standing. The first iteration will have the whole airfield to fight in, and then the area will start to shrink down forcing everyone down in to the tents area where the remaining teams will fight it out until the new Genocide Run victor is crowned.


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Only The Strong Survive

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