Averse as we are to telling people how to play a sandbox game, FNFF has become an inclusive evening of fun not just for a core group of players but for occasional warmly welcomed visitors and guests into the group. This means we need to have a thing to point at and say ‘That’s FNFF’. This is the thing to point at

The History

Friday Night FireFight is an end of week get together by people who love DayZ (generally the DVS). It’s at the end of some tough IRL weeks. It was started by 3 or 4 people who were so looted the ‘what next’ issue in DayZ became very bad so having a dick about and dying in some way got you back on the beach.

That group expanded and that has a side effect that there’s usually someone you can find to play with, or just play solo, it’s not a thing, there’s no bad feeling if you play with a FNFFer or not. People who FNFF usually have coloured names in the Discord.

It’s been going on for years, some FNFFs are not about dying or fighting, they’re about sitting round a fire telling rude jokes and getting drunk. Or they’re about fixing someones computer and getting drunk, or they’re about going exploring a new part of the map and getting drunk, or they’re about trying to put the new ‘thing’ in DayZ together … and getting drunk

The Manifesto

There’s kinda of a loose manifesto that goes with FNFF to try and make sure people aren’t getting stressed, some of these were created and some have evolved

  • Think the best of each other
  • Celebrate DayZ
  • You are you and DayZ is DayZ
  • Teamspeak is a shitshow, but if you’re not in TS you’re not FNFF
  • Dying is an aspiration, don’t get salty
  • Sometimes FNFF works and sometimes it doesn’t
  • It’s not always an event
  • If someone needs some space, give them some space
  • Die for the guy standing next to you
  • If you kill someone who is in TS, it’s traditional to suicide
  • If it’s a bad thing to do then don’t do it
  • unless it’s funny
  • If someone says something bad about you, it’s a joke, grow up
  • There are many callouts people don’t know ‘Christians House’, ‘Toastys Petrol station’, live with it, but try and ‘get it’
  • Just fucking have fun
  • Look at the sunlight through the trees

The comms in a FNFF is our TeamSpeak, generally it’s open comms and anyone can say whatever. There are many ‘in’ jokes and running jokes. When someone calls you a bad name, it’s done with love. But TS can be utter chaos so here’s some things we do to try and make it less so

  • Set up the ingame voip toggle
  • If you’re away from the main group think about changing room
  • Setting up an all mute hotkey can be useful, an ingame toggle is easy
  • Never stream and be in TS
  • Never FNFF and not be in TS
  • If you record TS you undertake to Do No Harm if making a video
  • We have nude pictures of your mum

There’s also some etiquette to TS because it is so free form and it’s about ‘changing gear’. If someone calls out that there’s a person near by, TS goes quiet to allow that to be coped with. That may be a 2 minute interaction or it may be a 20 minute firefight. All extraneous comms are stopped to allow the engaged players to finish that engagement

If comms need to continue aside from that engagement then everyone who is not engaged should move to a new room for a while (the engaged players cannot move easily since tabbing is a disadvantage in a firefight). Anyone not engaged who clouds the comms may find themselves moved by someone

If people die they’ll leave the engaged TS channel. If you want to listen what is going on then don’t pollute the channel

Good Luck, Have Fun, FNFF

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