Over the past few weeks we’ve had enquiries from DayZ community leaders about using our server for events

Nothing makes us happier and we’ve been privileged to have been able to help as best we can

Unfortunately, at times this has impacted our own, very cherished, visitors (casual or repeat, we appreciate them all) who have had to step aside from our secondary server or whatever

This doesn’t feel ‘fair’ and anyone that knows our Server Mod Team will know we always try and make everything as fair as possible for everyone.

We now have a separate ‘Events’ server, it’s a completely separate hive and can be reconfigured or scrubbed and cleaned as needed

Server: Spaggie. UK. 1PP. Private. Events!

We only have it on short term lease to feel out how useful it is to the DayZ community

If you need a 60 slot private hive, passworded (we can’t be arsed with whitelists) server for a day, 2 days or a week or something. Please let us know.

We’d love to have you!

It’s a 60 slot server. It’s completely it’s own world. We can do stuff with it. You give us a password, we’ll set that password, you share that password. If you’d rather not use a password, you don’t have to. We can still wipe and it’s just open

Spaggie says he can’t do anything other than 1PP though so no 3PP

  • Organisation and private comms to the Mod team are confidential. It’s your event
  • The longest event we’d consider is probably a ~week for super special events
  • Server is 1PP – 100% non-negotiable
  • Server runs a 3x time acceleration – If you want to change this talk to Spaggie
  • Server start time ingame is 4:45am  – If you want to change this talk to Spaggie
  • This means the server has a sunrise, day, dusk, night in a 6 hours and restarts
  • 3x Time Accelerator impacts eating and drinking, you need a little more
  • Server has a 6 hour reset (currently 7 and 1 oclocks) – This is not changeable
  • Jack will never ever spend a month dicking around with server times ever again, because Fuck That Shitting Shit
  • We can wipe the server but leave characters
  • We can wipe the server and wipe characters
  • Doing a full wipe before an event needs about 2 days to settle the loot we feel
  • Server Mods may be running around, we find it accelerates loot, and we like to have a check around. If you log in while password is in force before event starts MODS WILL NOT SHOOT FIRST. EVER.
  • Our hosties, Multiplay are super helpful and amazing.  We ask for wipes by help ticketing so can’t exactly time it, it happens when the ticket tracks through support, which is usually very quick, but best to leave an SLA window for them
  • We will not do whitelists (we tried once, it was a nightmare of ‘can you add me after the start’, no, it was a shitshow)
  • The Server has DAST and a big BEC driven BanList
  • We can exclude people who know the password by kicking and banning if we can find their GUID from the hits log
  • Mods will usually try to provide event air cover but not guaranteed
  • This is a completely separate realm to our other servers
  • We cannot control: weather, loot, spawns etc.
  • We will try and deliver event logs to the community leader but they’re ropey
  • Mods may like an invite (3 out of the 5 mods currently play DayZ regularly)
  • We’ll probably run the server unpassworded when it’s not eventing.
  • Mods are ridiculously time poor, go easy on us
  • If it all goes wrong, it’s not our fault. We did our best
  • Server Rules apply tl;dr=we do our best, don’t be a dick on our servers
  • Shouting out the servers would be great please, unless it all goes wrong
  • We reserve the right to just say no, no hard feelings, there may be other stuff going on (Which we can’t share because of Confidentiality)
  • Love you <3

Please contact Wayward_Jack on Twitter


Spaggie says, ‘All this love and care happens in the Community tab’

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