Wayward Jack here. I’m really sorry you’ve felt the need to come to this place, we’ll do everything we can to sort it out

If you’d like to make a complaint against another player please…

1). Stop and think, Are you sure you want to do it. The server rules are here:¬†¬†They’re very flexible. But you’re asking us to do at least an hours work to find out what happened and then take action if justified

2). We reserve the right to take action we feel appropriate, and this action may be inaction

3). We will treat your complaint as confidential

4). Your complaint may require a server reset, think about that

5). Let’s go, please fill in this form

We ask for your Steam64ID, this is really important so we can isolate logs. If you do not submit a Steam64ID we will not action. If you need help finding your steam64ID use this: (opens in new Window) A Steam64ID is of the format 765611980384xxxxx


Your In Game Name (If you can't remember put 'Survivor')*
Date &Time of incident (GMT) ( for log matching)*
Time: (24hour format in GMT)*
Which Server:*
Your Twitch Name
Your Twitter Name
Your SteamID64 (starts with 7656119...)*
Description of what happened*
Culprit In Game Names if Known
Any Evidence, Clips etc? If you link to a stream please give timestamp)





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