Cocking DayZ Processor Settings for smoother FPSes

Dayz is massively unoptimised right now and everything you can do to streamline your machine will increase Frames per Second and Graphics

Putting the game files on an SSD is good

Tweaking your DayZ Settings is also good

But optimising your processor can also make a difference

One of the best things to do is to park the DayZ process and then prioritise it using Process Lasso, click on the image to go download it





Once you’ve got it installed, set the profile to Gaming



You could also think about maaybe (depending if your cooling is cool) permanently increasing the DayZ priority.

Run DayZ

ALT+Tab out of it

open Process Lasso and find the DayZ process and set it to Above Normal or something






Remember to play with other things, if you run Kaspersky Anti Virus you might want to make sure this is set:






IMPORTANT: I really don’t know what I’m doing dicking with this stuff so if it breaks your computer it’s not my fault


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