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Our Servers

We currently run 5 servers from the EU. These servers have long contracts and are managed by Game Service Providers (people that know what they’re doing) All could be thought of as ‘Vanilla’ because we like to give feedback to … Continue reading

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FNFF Kill Logs 100318

  Use browser search to find your name CTRL+F 20:31:22 | SuettiJimi has been killed by Jamie 20:50:01 | HATPOBEH has been killed by TRMZ 21:06:52 | Update VII has been killed by Gibson 21:07:33 | Micky has been killed … Continue reading

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December 2017 – Persistance Wipes

Hello,   We are persistence wiping all of our servers on Friday December 1st Characters should persist   Thanks   Please follow and like us:

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Banned / Unbanned

Yesterday the scanner banned a load of folk This was unfortunately unavoidable This morning we’ve worked through unbanning a bunch of folk Please remember there’s two types of rules you should be following when playing on  The Village Server Community … Continue reading

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S2ttrBan is an industry leading reputational CRM tool for DayZ and ARMA servers It’s currently using AI Axioms to vector various factors of reputation and using RCon connectivity for real-time oversight of Server protection There are some false positives, we … Continue reading

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TheRunningManzEvent Logs

Cleaned logs from TheRunningManZ Birthday event Begin the accusations & recriminations! (If you see anything fun, or have clips and video, ping them to @Spaggie he loves that, and use the hashtag #TRMZB) The Server Spaggie. UK. 1PP. Private. Events! ( … Continue reading

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Hello Over the past few weeks we’ve had enquiries from DayZ community leaders about using our server for events Nothing makes us happier and we’ve been privileged to have been able to help as best we can Unfortunately, at times … Continue reading

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