All I can

TRMZ, M1ndr, Tope


I’ve done all I can to give us and the community somewhere nice to play 1PP DayZ in the EU

Even though everyone said they needed a Private 1PP Server, the uptake is less than it was when it was on Public

I think we hit 15 concurrent players once


I need you to help me now, help me deliver you another safe 1PP server

I know you punt it now and again onstream and I’m very thankful for that

Can you continue nudging it?

DM me @Spaggie if there’s anything else I could do?

I think that when people have invested in a character on there it should snowball




Suggestion from TRMZ: Reduce nights

We’re going to set the start time of the server to just before dawn, let the day run, let the sun go down and then time a server reset to reduce night time.  This stuff is really hard for me to understand, I’m not good with time or calendars


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