Friday Night Fire Fight!

After a while it became normal for Fridays to be the day the mods could play together on our servers, get drunk, have fun, die, reloot

Friday Night Fire Fight

We don’t care what you do or where you play, just play DayZ

We’d love it if you came and hang on our servers

But it doesn’t matter, just play DayZ and get shooty




Our servers are:

Server 1 : – Free Will – Come Firefight

Server 2 : – Interaction – Maybe Don’t Firefight

TheRunningManZ: – Always a bit shooty

We also run BarelyInfected’s Village Server, you’re welcome to play but please read their rules and maybe don’t be so shooty : DayZ Village – Barely Infected on YouTube – hosted by Spaggie : – Help The Village by shooting attackers


If you want to come hang with mods
(we generally end up camping camo at NWAF and getting drunk)



Jack, Jarl, Rokerz, Luc & Spag
Harold Palmer, L_K_P1, Wimpie, Molly, Boxman and Mr Potato


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