Cherno Lock In – TopeRec Event

You are invited to a DayZ event to celebrate the arrival of Tope’s son Oliwier

When: Thursday 15th June 15:30 CET (which I think is same as BST)

Where: On our Server at Cherno Civic Building top floors

You can join our Teamspeak

Dress: Whatever

(Alcohol preferred but not mandatory)

Wet the babies head

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Windows 10 Creators is a Bag of Shit for DayZ = Framedrops and Lag

Windows 10 Creators has been heartbreaking for a lot of people in the DayZ community causing terrible frame drops and making DayZ unplayable and ugly

There’s a lot of reports that it’s not just DayZ, a whole heap of games seem to be affected

Sad times

You can see some of the issue and frustration on M1ndr’s stream here: scrub to about the hour mark, the stream somewhat smooths the problem, but watch the bottom 3rd of the screen

This document is liable to change

Last Edit: Added link to Community Recommended Driver
First Publication: 07:33 15/05/17





Creators is a bust


Everything is great again Now

Apparently you can fend off updates by setting your normal internet connection to metered (You can thank the anti-poaching guy for this trick







ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST 3 COPIES OF YOUR FILES (Use something like GoodSync maybe? to another non-exotic (no raid) drive)

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DayZ Stanadalone : Server Can’t Connect – FIXED

I was trying to log into our Spaggie server to play on it and kept getting booted with a message ‘Can’t Connect’

Strangely I could connect to other servers

It would show the loading screen and then bang back out to the Server Browser with a Can’t connect message

I did all the normal things (including turning off BEC on the server and resetting it), I tried re-installing DayZ, restarting the router. I tried a lot of things.

Nothing worked


It turns out that uninstalling DayZ doesn’t clean out the DayZ game file directory, there’s a couple of files left in there that seem to block the connection

I deleted the DayZ game directory and then re-installed and it worked

(My DayZ directory is at : E:\Steam-Stable\steamapps\common\DayZ )

I also deleted the %Appdata% DayZ directory, there’s some battleeye stuff in there

And, as ever, and always important, I deleted the User files, mine are in


Windows 7 machine


Hope this helps – it wont, this is what was happening:


It turns out that the Users DayZ directory on the C-Drive was kind of corrupted and had moved itself into a different place leaving a Symlink to it where it should be

This seems to have completely screwed DayZ into trying to store something in Cloud

And that [Steam] Cloud saving was common in some way

Or something


Definitely the disk corruptions around the DayZ settings file fucked everything, replaced drive, all works




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To celebrate the birth of Tope Junior, Oliver


We will be glad to host an event #ChrnoLockIn which will be a #DayZ group meet in our server in the Piano Bar (top floors) of Cherno Civic Building


Please dont kill anyone ingame

Please dont kill anyone in real life

Drink your favourite alcohol

Give all the best wishes to the Tope family

Tell stories

Sing songs


Watch the sun go down

Please bring no weapons but make fires if you’d like

Follow @Wayward_Jack for notices

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Evening Classes




DayZ is a hard game to play

It’s hard to get the most out of it

Why not book a slot and come play with someone cool (or a server mod kappa)?

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That time I played with Streamers – Part 2

tl;dr It’s not about me, Streamers are awesome.

If you don’t know what Twitch is find out here

This week I’ve been lucky to play with two Streamers in very different circumstances, let’s wander around how streamers use Twitch. A Streamer is a micro-broadcaster and wants to provide engaging entertainment. They want the community to grow. The entertainment value is the lever that grows the community.

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What is Twitch

Twitch is an amazing place full of brilliant people doing interesting things

If someone is doing something you don’t find interesting, it doesn’t really change your life, it’s no indication of them. You two just don’t have a common interest, or don’t engage with a common interest in the same way. People doing things differently is great. It’s not bad.

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That time I played with Streamers – Part 1

tl;dr It’s not about me, Streamers are awesome.

If you don’t know what Twitch is find out here


This week I’ve been lucky to play with two Streamers in very different circumstances, let’s wander around how streamers use Twitch. A Streamer is a micro-broadcaster and wants to provide engaging entertainment. They want the community to grow. The entertainment value is the lever that grows the community.

Inviting a sub into the place where they generate the raw materials of their financial recompense is very dangerous for them. The community is very charitable during these ‘sub events’ but the streamer is putting their entire revenue source at risk. Even at the most basic level, if the sub stream isn’t engaging then they’ve lost an evening of ‘good’ content creation, revenue has been displaced. The channel is at risk. It’s not riskless.

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RunDieRetry March Event Log

RunDieRetry Log


Thanks to everyone who shed blood, and everyone who helped them shed it


If anyone has got anything interesting we can link to from here let me know (Leave a comment or tweet it)


Here’s RJ PoV :

Here’s TopeRec PoV (starts at 1:31) :

Here’s Gator36b PoV :

Here’s Eldragon0 PoV :

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Quick Recap #RunDieRetry

If you need help at any time tap Spaggie up at @Spaggie (I wont answer I’m playing, you’re screwed, but I can have a lugh later huh)

Please feel free to Stream or record for YT if you want

People cannot be added to the whitelist once the event has started

It’s an advantage to start on time, but not mandatory

Chaos is good

Quick Guide:

Lead in to Event

  • Tell your friends
  • Help fill the server
  • Use the hashtag #RunDieRetry


  • Connect to TS
  • Join Server
  • Find a friend (head to Gorka if you can’t find anyone)
  • Get to know them
  • Collect Loot
  • Win Radar Building

10pm GMT

  • Take photo
  • Send to Spaggie
  • Win

Following Day

  • Accusations and recriminations

More Descripti0n

Come join our TS at  somewhere around 6PM GMT

Get Ready to join our server (search for “Spaggie”) at 6pm GMT, it will come live around then, private hive

Make sure you can connect to the TS and the Server

The server will come up about 6pm GMT (if you play before then anything you do will be scrubbed)
Around then log in and spawn on the coast (or wherever)


So you need to find someone, either on the coast or whatever
If you can’t find anyone head to GORKA, GORKA is the place to meet a team mate. I would say it’s a no shooting zone around Gorka but you guys are dicks
Once you have a friend
Organise a common TS Room to use
Spend some time with your team mate
If you are stuck ask them:
  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • Where in the world they are
  • What their favourite food is
  • you know do the whole non-introvert, no-aspie stuff, be human, make a friend

Then go loot up together, when looted attack Tisy (top left corner of the map)

When you feel happy, go attack Tisy Radar, getting to Tisy should be okay, here’s a quick way to get to Radar:

!!!YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER TISY ALONE!  That’s why you need your team mate!!!

 Don’t cross over the yellow line unless you are with someone

 Do not go into Tisy alone!

After 4 hours (10pm GMYT) the admins will issue a unique message, to ‘win’ you need to take a screenshot like this, of you’re mate, checking their pulse (to show name) with the server message, on top of Tisy:
You send the email so we know it’s you
You have your team mates pulse on the screen so we know it’s them
You have the server message on the screen so we know it’s the right time


(use a camera, a phone, a screenshot, a potato, anything, as long as we can see what we need). NO PHOTOSHOPPING ( we know how to dick pixels to see photo manipulations )

  • Judges decision is final, but arguments are encouraged, preferably in a streamers chat or Twitter, use #RunDieRetry to glue us together
  •  The Mods encourage you to be creative in the way you generate the above photo (the person you enter Tisy with might not be the person you take the photo with)
  • Server mods will be playing but aren’t allowed to win
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Camps and Barrels

We’re running an event, the details are here, why not enter? : Event Don’t be scared

In DayZ there’s effectively two databases of stuff, There’s Public and there’s Private

Within those 2 databases there’s 2 parts, 1PP and 3PP, which lists out like

Public : 1PP is separate to

Public : 3PP is separate to

Private : 1PP is seperate to

Private : 3PP

They’re like different worlds (that look very much the same)

If you’ve got a tent on 1PP Public you can’t carry it over to a 3PP Public or a 1PP Private etc

But you can carry it to any other 1PP Public server


With Private, the Hive may be one single machine, everything you do is kept in that one singe instance of DayZ. Or that hive might be shared between a couple of servers (shard)


With Spaggie Server we love the randomness of Public, and we love the immersion of 1PP

Anything you find on Spaggie Server you can take to any other 1PP Public Server, and bring back


During an Event that changes, we ‘Shelve’ the 1PP Public Hive and change to a 1PP Private Hive

After the Event we swap back

We’ve done testing and careful planning and every time we’ve done this Camps, Barrels and stashes come back AS LONG AS THEY’RE WITHIN THEIR PERSISTANCE TIME

A stashed backpack will disappear because the event is longer than 4 hours

A tent will stay if you visited it in the few days before (as usual)

You just wont be able to visit it on the day

Any camps created during the Private Hive event may come back as part of the next Private Hive event or we may intentionally flush the presistance of the private hive depending on the upcoming event

Public is Public and your public hive stuff is there
Private is Private and your private hive stuff is there
and we occassionally swap the server between them
after lots of public notice


Why not come get whitelisted for the Event Don’t be scared

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Why Not Enter?


We wanted to run an event and make it fun, uptake has been low. We did something wrong

Let us know, comment on this post or just click a strawpoll?


Why you not Enter?

Which is your favourite day?

What’s you’re favourite time?

Why you not enter?

Why you not enter?

Is it cos you don’t think you play good?
Let me tell you about the time I accidentally stitched myself jumping a fence and died of blood poisoning 10 minutes later

You’re cool, come play


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Audio Splitting with ShadowPlay

This guy’s got a way

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Event #RunDieRetry


Hello Gorgeous! YOU CAN JOIN!

1PP whitelisted four hour #DayZ event

up to 50 players


( if you are worried about your camp / barrel see here )

Overall Aim

Get together, play with new people, have a laugh, get drunk, love DayZ
This event is to play with new, random and exciting people, try not to pre-team
You don’t need to be good at the game, just come play

‘Rules’ below

Not going to enter? Why not, please tell us



Meta Rules:

1. Must have a working microphone

2. Join the spaggie TS and go into the lobby channel for the event.
( TS details : )

3. When you find a partner join one of the 25 readied team Teamspeak rooms.

4. Room sizes are limited to promote team-play and prevent cheating…



Event Rules:

A. All spawns will be freshies.

B. You must partner with the first person you see

C. MUST head towards Gorka to find a partner.

D. Gorka is a no camping zone, go there and leave as soon as you find a partner. (killing here is frowned upon)

E. No leaving Gorka until you have a partner.


Event Goal:

i. King of the hill at Tisy radar building (4 hour time limit, last one there at 4 hours wins)

ii. Cannot enter tisy alone….

iii. At 4 hours a server message will be posted.

iv. Check your partners pulse and take a screen shot at the top of Tisy radar with the server message and your partners name in the shot. The first person to email Server Mods with the screenshot (email will be in message) will be assumed the winner along with their in-screenshot companion.



  • Judges decision is final, applying indicates acceptance of rules.
  • You must be over 18 years old to play
  • Places are limited
  • Judges are the server Mods, the server Mods will be playing amongst you
  • Mods are shit players so won’t win
  • Judges decision is final (in case you didn’t read it the first time)
  • Applying signifies acceptance
  • Shit might go to shit, applying accepts shit might happen.

Facts of life:

– Stream if possible

— Being any fucking good at the game is not a prerequisite

— After event controversy, incrimination and general whining is encouraged


There may be 2 identical prizes for the winning team, details later (Amazon Vouchers). Prizes will not be awarded to Mods/Judges




Rules Quick Recap

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Chernarus – The virtual and the real

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How to fly around DayZ

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2016 and DayZ

I wanted to round out on 2016 with some memorable standout happenings around DayZ this year, in no particular order:

The amazing, brilliant, erudite, eloquent, intelligent and different people that are brought together by DayZ there are no borders, there’s just the pure truth and love of the community

Howard, Jarl and Luc, you guys are fucking nuts

Helping out someone who’d almost single handedly police’d the community get over the line with their new PC after finding out they were so close

Helping a [fairly] random person with a replacement to their all time favourite mouse after they broke theirs

Singing Weiner Schnitzel with Sir Toasty

Multiplay for keeping a server up all year with a fairly hard to find configuration

TheRunningManZ leaving his job and his community seemingly making it work for him, and for letting me get drunk in his stream and blathering like a twat

M1ndr getting feisty about badly timed donations (and his cooking stream)

Tope and his clan for being able to become monsters at the drop of a hat, and for letting me reszta mojego penisa na jego ramieniu babci

The Mods that change tone for different streamers and keep it all honest

DayZ for prompting me to do some mad hardware stuff in the pursuit of FPS

The Dev Team for doing so much work and for doing all the things no one realises they’re doing

Hicks, DH and Baty for understanding that most of the time discovering something is more joyful than being told it, and finding the balance

Geez for somehow making order out of complete chaos

The arseholes who constantly moan about the same things and allowing me to feel superior

Wednesday afternoons

The Czech Republic for being full on beautiful, and for kind of letting me know it in a not knowing it completely weird kind of way

The status updates which must be a ball breaker for all concerned

The guy who felt like he was just in front of me taking all the good loot

All the leg breaks

Twitch for being The Future of Television

Anyone that’s ever made a DayZ youtube video or had a pop at streaming DayZ, ever



Anyone got anything to add?



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Stairway to Heaven with TRMZ

So is it a scope viewport rendered ?


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A Zucchini to the butt

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TRMZ: Tense PVP highlights in DayZ! COTW18

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The stalking, the players, the infected, the gun jams, the fukkupery. RIP Jarl

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So many nice people out there! -MrStinkyPKT

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A while ago the server was logged on GameTracker for a few reasons

We’ve unregistered the server from there now for a few reasons


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50 Slots again?

Well, it’s like trying to get the shower to be the right temperature

So I’m trying an experiment

Since snipping to 40 the server hasn’t really gone above 10 players which is too low, so let’s turn it back up to 50 to see if that’s an effect

See how it pans out


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40 Slots?

When the server was started it was because I wanted a configuration I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I wanted public hive, because of the great, non-cliquey meetings it generates, really random encounters where you do not know what the outcome will be.

I wanted as minimal a HUD as I could make to help with immersion, just simply to enjoy the beauty of the game

I wanted 1PP because I beleive it not only gives the best immersive feel, but it also is more ‘real’, the 3PP camera manipulation for advantage is just ridiculous. I also love 1PP for the blinker effect, you can run right past people and not see them.

The server was always low slots, because there’s a balance in DayZ, I think you don’t want to always find people, you want to have time to relax into the game, have time to Explore and move around. For a meeting to not be a certainty. Post apocolyptic meetings should be few and far between, but be a real experience when they do happen.

DayZ had some bad times at the end of .59 and no one noticed. As .60 came in I was able to help my DayZ Bruddas get on a .60 Stable server, so the slots were maxed to 50 and the server has been visited by thousands of people. I’m very glad to have been able to furnish slots for people to play.

But a 50 slot server isn’t the game *I* want to play. Every time we play we meet someone. That meeting generally ends in a shootout. It’s lost it’s randomness. Every time you play, there’s a shootout. It’s not fun.

Over the last couple of days the frenzy of .60 has dissipated somewhat and the server isn’t maxed at peak times. Slots cost money. I’m paying to not play the game I want to play.

For these reasons, the server has been stepped down to 40 slots, to try and spread players out some. It may step down to 30 slots to spread players out even more.

If you’ve any thoughts on this, please let me know.

LYLT Spaggie

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Thanks for the loot

Thanks for the loot guys… yours Pumpkin 😉


[WCA] Vitamin C & OyzMandias

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We went Pro Sniping


We are not Pro Snipers


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#DayZ .60 Dev Log / Chernogorsk Revitalization



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